What is furusato nozei ?

The Furusato Nozei Program, or Hometown Tax Donation Program, is a tax incentive scheme by the Japanese government to support the development of smaller, less funded municipalities.

Taxpayers can choose to donate to a city, prefecture, municipality or cause that they want to support, such as social and environmental programs and aid in times of disaster.

In return, taxpayers are exempted from a portion of their income and resident taxes and get to enjoy gifts such as wagyu, melons, sake and other premium local specialties delivered to them as a token of appreciation.

Why furusato nozei?


Support the causes you believe in with your tax money.

Passionate about the environment? Contribute to your favorite city’s environmental program. Believe in the power of education? Help a local town’s school building fund.


Japan has so many to offer.

Explore and experience Japan’s best local specialities, from fresh Hokkaido crabs to golden Miyazaki mangoes, all from the comfort of your home.


Best of all, it’s practically free.

Minus a 2,000 JPY one time out-of-pocket payment, you’ll receive a tax deduction that covers the rest of the total donation cost, up to your eligible donation amount.

How does furusato nozei work?

Determine the upper limit of your eligible donation amount with our simulator tool here.
Browse the Furumaru website and choose a city or cause you would like to support, or a gift you would like to receive.
Receive your thank-you gift in the mail along with a receipt of your donation. Keep the receipt in a safe place.
File for your hometown tax donation exemption and receive a deduction on your income tax and or resident's tax in the following fiscal year, minus a one time out-of-pocket payment of 2,000 JPY.
Please collect all necessary documents

Case examples

Single Person

Annual income

4 Million JPY

Maximum eligible donation amount

42,000 JPY

Total Donations

40,000 JPY

Donation Destionations

1. Sobetsu city, Hokkaido
2. Kosai city, Shizuoka
3. Semboku city, Akita
4. Yamanakako village, Yamanashi

Programs or causes supported

1. Coexisting with volcanoes initiative
2. “Children are the future” fund
3. Nature conservation
4. Local tourism promotion program

Total Actual Cost

Only 2,000 JPY

Gifts Received

Yukimegumi Milled Rice


Lake Hamanako Unagi

Qty 3

Beer set

1 Rank in National Beer Contest

Lake Yamanakako Ham Assortment Set

Family household

Total Actual Cost

Only 2,000 JPY

Annual income

7 Million JPY

Maximum eligible donation amount

86,000 JPY

Total Donations

85,000 JPY


Donation Destionations

1. Miki town, Kagawa
2. Fujieda city, Shizuoka
3. Taketomi town, Okinawa
4. Yamagata prefecture
5. Izumizaki village, Fukushima
6. Ooko town, Ibaraki
7. Suzaka city, Nagano
8. Kutchan town, Hokkaido

Programs or causes supported

1. Local tourism development
2. Environmental protection
3. Local city development fund
4. Sports park building fund in support of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
5. “To become a city that is world renowned for being healthy anddeveloped” program
6. Promotion of children’s education with Takara Sen University
7. Development of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Kutchan station and surrounding areas
8. “Leave it to the Mayor” local area development fund

Gifts Received

Olive pork slices


Nanaya premium matcha gelato A set

Iriomote Island peach pineapple


Yamagata Tsuyahime and Haenuki rice

5kg each

Ham assortment set

Hitachi wagyu


Kawanaka Island white peach

Organic pure white corn

mini FAQ

Can anyone participate in the hometown tax program?

Yes, they can. Anyone who pays income and residential taxes – even students and part-time workers – can participate in the program. However, if your income does not meet the amount prescribed by the government, you will not be eligible fora tax deduction. Use the Furumaru simulation feature to calculate an estimate of your deduction based on your income here.

Is there a maximum amount for contributions?

There is no maximum amount. You can contribute as much as you can afford. However, there is a limit to the amount that you can deduct depending on your income, etc. Additionally, if the contribution is 2,000 JPY or less, it is not eligiblefor a deduction, as an out-of-pocket payment of at least 2,000 JPY is required.

Is the 2,000 JPY out-of-pocket payment paid every time I apply to contribute?

No, it is not paid for each contribution, but is instead the amount to be paid out-of-pocket for all contributions a one-year period.

When are the thank you gifts delivered?

It depends on the type of thank you gift and the time of your contribution application. Thank you gifts are generally delivered 2 to 4 weeks after payment is confirmed. However, please understand that additional time may be required for productsthat are only shipped in certain seasons or during the New Year period.

I applied for a refund via the One Stop Exception system. When will I receive my residential tax deductions?

Residential tax deductions are deducted from residential taxes paid after June in the year following your contribution.

I applied for a refund with my final income tax return (kakutei shinkoku). When will I receive my tax refund?

The refunds will be issued in approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the filing deadline. For more details, please visit the National Tax Agency website.

How will I receive the refund?

You can receive the refund in two ways:

  • 1. Directly deposited to your bank account
  • 2. Pick up at your local Japan Post Bank or post office

For more details, please visit the National Tax Agency website.

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