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Good people, good town, good smiles
~Good living in Ayagawa~

Ayagawa is located in the "middle of Sanuki,” the birthplace of udon noodles. Ayagawa treasures the abundance of nature and history that it has preserved and nurtured so successfully but what Ayagawa has protected and nurtured the most are its people, the precious local resource that the town is made of. We want to make good use of all these riches to build an Ayagawa where everyone can continue to live, happy and smiling, from the children that are our town’s future to our active adults. We will do our best to also put smiles on the faces of the people who visit Ayagawa.

Usage of Donation

  • Natural environment protection and conservation projects
  • Welfare improvement projects
  • Child-rearing support projects
  • School education promotion projects
  • Community lifestyle improvement projects
  • Other uses at the municipality's discretion
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